Biometrics and Applications

Our Goal

Biometrics has been attracting increasing interests. Various biometrics systems and applications have provided significant facilities for our life and the society and many tentative biometrics technologies are being explored. It seems that biometrics is being become an important component of the world. Biometrics technologies make it possible that the machine grasps the ability to recognize a person by “reading” him/her, which is only the privilege of the human for thousands of years. In particular, biometrics technologies focus on the technologies to automatically authenticate the still traits of the human such as the palmprint, fingerprinting, faces, irises, ears, footprint, retina and tooth or the dynamic traits of the human such as speech, gait and keystroke.

We establish the core components of biometrics systems and applications from the viewpoints of systems, man and cybernetics by focusing on basic exploration of the availability, uniqueness and permanence of biometrics traits, on the design and implementation of the corresponding biometrics systems and on the disposition and management of the applications. We also study state-of-the-art strategies and scheme of multi-biometrics for higher accuracy and level security. More importantly, we take special attention on new, convenient and interesting biometrics technologies which may bring big change to our life and society. We also take attention to a new and significant branch of biometrics, medical biometrics.

Another goal of this technical committee is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas among worldwide researchers in biometrics. It also aims at establishing a bridge to the emerging biometrics technologies and the potential applications.

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These tutorial materials provide more information on topics of interest to our technical committee.

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