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The scope of the IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica includes the field of automation. The objective of this journal is high quality and rapid publication of articles, with a strong focus on new trends, original theoretical and experimental research and developments, emerging technologies, and industrial standards in automation. Specifically, the Journal focuses on such areas as automatic control, artificial intelligence and intelligent control, systems theory and engineering, pattern recognition and intelligent systems, automation engineering and applications, information processing and information systems, network based automation, robotics, computer-aided technologies for automation systems, sensing and measurement, navigation, guidance, and control, smart city, smart grid, big data and data mining, internet of things, cyber-physical systems, blockchain, cloud computing for automation, mechatronics.

IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica was lunched on January 1, 2014.


Qing-Long Han

Distinguished Professor, PhD, MAE, FIEEE, FIFAC, FIEAust
Member of the Academia Europaea (The Academy of Europe)

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Quality)

Swinburne University of Technology
EN Building, Level 6, Room 602c
John Street, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria 3122, Australia

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12 June 2024
This paper revisits the problem of bumpless transfer control (BTC) for discrete-time nondeterministic switched linear systems. The general case of asynchronous switching is considered for the first time in the field of BTC for switched systems. A new approach called interpolated bumpless transfer control (IBTC) is proposed, where the bumpless...
12 June 2024
Efficient exploration in complex coordination tasks has been considered a challenging problem in multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL). It is significantly more difficult for those tasks with latent variables that agents cannot directly observe. However, most of the existing latent variable discovery methods lack a clear representation of latent variables and...
12 June 2024
This paper concerns ultimately bounded output-feedback control problems for networked systems with unknown nonlinear dynamics. Sensor-to-observer signal transmission is facilitated over networks that has communication constraints. These transmissions are carried out over an unreliable communication channel. In order to enhance the utilization rate of measurement data, a buffer-aided strategy is...
12 June 2024
The problem of prescribed performance tracking control for unknown time-delay nonlinear systems subject to output constraints is dealt with in this paper. In contrast with related works, only the most fundamental requirements, i.e., boundedness and the local Lipschitz condition, are assumed for the allowable time delays. Moreover, we focus on...
12 June 2024
The nonlinear filtering problem has enduringly been an active research topic in both academia and industry due to its ever-growing theoretical importance and practical significance. The main objective of nonlinear filtering is to infer the states of a nonlinear dynamical system of interest based on the available noisy measurements. In...
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16 April 2024
Hydraulic manipulators are usually applied in heavy-load and harsh operation tasks. However, when faced with a complex operation, the traditional proportional-integral-derivative (PID) control may not meet requirements for high control performance. Model-based full-state-feedback control is an effective alternative, but the states of a hydraulic manipulator are not always available and...
15 April 2024
Spectral compressive imaging has emerged as a powerful technique to collect the 3D spectral information as 2D measurements. The algorithm for restoring the original 3D hyperspectral images (HSIs) from compressive measurements is pivotal in the imaging process. Early approaches painstakingly designed networks to directly map compressive measurements to HSIs, resulting...
15 April 2024
This paper focuses on the quadratic nonfragile filtering problem for linear non-Gaussian systems under multiplicative noises, multiple missing measurements as well as the dynamic event-triggered transmission scheme. The multiple missing measurements are characterized through random variables that obey some given probability distributions, and thresholds of the dynamic event-triggered scheme can...
15 April 2024
A long history has passed since electromyography (EMG) signals have been explored in human-centered robots for intuitive interaction. However, it still has a gap between scientific research and real-life applications. Previous studies mainly focused on EMG decoding algorithms, leaving a dynamic relationship between the human, robot, and uncertain environment in...
15 April 2024
Evolutionary computation is a rapidly evolving field and the related algorithms have been successfully used to solve various real-world optimization problems. The past decade has also witnessed their fast progress to solve a class of challenging optimization problems called high-dimensional expensive problems (HEPs). The evaluation of their objective fitness requires...

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