Cyber-Enabled World


Our Goal

Advances in computers, information and networks, especially in the Internet and the Web, not only offer us novel services, but are also bringing about a digital cyberspace and a further digital cyber world. Numerous digital things or cyber entities will be generated and will reside in the cyber world, and countless real things in conventional physical, social and mental worlds will possess some cyber mappings or cyber components, so as to have a cyber existence. Cyberization is an emerging trend forming the new cyber world and reforming these conventional worlds towards cyber-enabled hyper worlds. It is absolutely necessary to establish a holistic and trans-disciplinary field, which we have called Cybermatics, to build systematic knowledge about new phenomena, behaviors, properties and practices in the cyberspace, cyberization and cyber-enabled hyper worlds.

The goal of this TC is to establish a community of researchers working in the area of cybermatics. We provide a forum for exchanging ideas, new trends and latest results in our field. We organize a special session at IEEE SMC and various IEEE conferences in the field. Visit the TC website, for more information.

Join Us

Cybermatics is an emerging field of research at the conjunction of different domains. Join us to promote this promising field. The TC on Cybermatics organizes several conferences around this topic, we therefore are looking for people able to participate in the organization of these events. Visit the TC website, for more information.