Mentorship Program

Mission Statement

Establish relationship between junior and senior IEEE SMC members, and provide career guidance to SMC members to advance their career.

Program Guidelines

The program will be run by an ad-hoc Mentorship Subcommittee reporting to the Vice-President of Membership and Student Activities.


The program length is six months with a bi-yearly call for mentors and mentees. The first program will run from the SMC Society flagship conference in the fall until the following spring, with the meeting occurring at the conference. The second program will run from the spring to the following fall, with the meeting occurring at the conference.


Mentors should be senior level SMC members who have significant experience in their field. They need to be excited about getting to know and sharing knowledge with junior members. They should be willing to make time to meet with mentees either virtually or in person regularly, if possible once a month.

Mentees should be junior level SMC members, students or young professionals. They need to be motivated in pursuing their professional careers with positive goals. They need to be genuinely interested in creating a relationship with and learning from a mentor for the purpose of contributing to the Society. The mentee should uphold moral standards and maintain integrity. They should be someone who has leadership potential and is willing to take initiative.

We will require mentor and mentee pairings to report on their meetings and progress.

Mentor Selection

Senior SMC members will be approached or will volunteer their interest in being mentors. Their bios will be collected and available to potential mentees. The committee will select from those interested.

Mentee Selection

Junior SMC members, students and young professionals express their interest for mentorship and their bios. They will be presented with the information about mentors. The committee will select from those interested.


The Mentorship Committee will help the pairing, ensuring it is mutually beneficial and satisfactory for both parties involved.

How to Apply:

Potential mentors: please express your interest by sending an email to Adrian Stoica ([email protected])

Mentees: please express your interest by sending an email to Roxanna Pakkar ([email protected])