Computational Cybernetics

Our Goal

Computational Cybernetics (CC) is the synergetic integration of Cybernetics and Computational Intelligence techniques. Computational Cybernetics covers not only mechanical, but biological (living), social, and economic systems and for this uses computational intelligence based results of communication theory, signal processing, information technology, control theory, the theory of adaptive systems, the theory of complex systems (game theory, operational research), and computer science. Hence, the Scope of TC on CC could be defined as:

The utilization of Computational Intelligence Techniques in

  • mechanical, economic and social systems especially in the areas of
  • control theory, adaptive systems, complex systems, information technology, communication theory, signal processing, operational research, game theory, cloud (cyber) computing, intelligent robotics.

The vision of the TC on Computational Cybernetics is to be recognized as the leading technical committee for the advancement of theory and application of the synergetic integration of Computational Intelligence and Cybernetics.

Join Us

The Computational Cybernetics Technical Committee serves its members by promoting the theory and practice of Computational Cybernetics.

It is accomplished through:

  • Organizing conferences and symposia
  • Providing publication possibilities and other activities that contribute to the professional needs of its members
  • Networking, making friends and collaborating with experts in Computational Cybernetics
  • Organizing special sessions at conferences sponsored by the SMC Society