Brain-Inspired Cognitive Systems

Our Goal

Brain-inspired Cognitive Systems (BCS) are a cutting-edge field of cybernetics, brain, and system sciences that studies not only the natural intelligence foundations of AI and cognitive systems, but also the formal models of the brain simulated by computational intelligence. The persistent challenges to cognitive cybernetics and the increasing demand for brain-inspired systems in society, industry, and education have led to the latest advances of cognitive systems mimicking the brain. BCS is underpinned by transdisciplinary theoretical foundations of system, brain, intelligence, knowledge, cybernetic and cognitive sciences towards cognitive intelligent systems and symbiotic societies.

The Technical Committee on Brain-inspired Cognitive Systems (TC-BCS) strives to advance transdisciplinary theories, methodologies, practices, and engineering/societal applications of brain-inspired and cognitive cybernetic systems driven by the fast advances of AI, computational intelligence, and autonomous/unmanned systems. TC-BCS covers autonomous, cognitive and cybernetic systems across the SMCS disciplines of cybernetics, humanity, and systems. TC-BCS extends classic computers from data processors to the next generation of knowledge processors mimicking the brain. TC-BCS develops contemporary BCS’ including autonomous systems, cognitive computers, cognitive robots, cognitive machine learning systems, cognitive neural networks, cognitive knowledge bases, semantic comprehension systems, big data cognition systems, deep learning systems, unmanned systems, self-driving vehicles, cognitive IoTs, and hybrid man-machine systems.

TC-BCS is a joint TC for the three areas of Cybernetics, Humanity, and Systems in SMCS. TC-BCS will coherently collaborate with SMC TCs on BMI, HMS, CI, CCI, CC, ML and etc.

Join Us

The co-chairs cordially welcome researchers, engineers, practitioners, educators, and policy makers, who are interested in the field of brain-inspired and cognitive systems, to join TC-BCS and its activities. TC-BCS will covers a broad range of cutting-edge and transdisciplinary research and applications. TC-BCS will serve the interests of members in publication, leadership, expert panels, joint projects, journal special issues, conference/workshop/special-sessions, tutorials, webinars, societal supports, standardizations, and contributions to knowledge across brain-inspired, cognitive, and autonomous systems.

The method for joining TC-BCS is to send an email to the TC co-chairs to express your interest. We look forward to working with you for sharing the vision and achieving the mission of TC-BCS.

Schulich School of Engineering
University of Calgary, Canada
Email: [email protected]