Ambassador Program

Ambassador of SMC

An authorized official representative and messenger of the Society.

Purpose of the Ambassador Program (AP)

  • establishing and/or enhancing connections with Sections
  • establishing new chapters
  • enhancing technical activities of existing and/or new Chapters
    • by establishing connections among Society and Chapter officers
    • by providing best practice information
    • guidance in conference organization
  • enhancing student activities, establishing new student branch chapters
  • improving the scientific level of regional conferences
    • by giving plenary lectures
    • by organizing special sessions
    • establishing SMC best paper award and control the process
  • organization of Chapter Chairs meetings
  • membership development.

Program Operation

The Distinguished Programs Committee (DPC): responsible for the launching and operation of the AP.

The ambassadors are appointed to a Region and/or to a Subregion.

Appointment of Ambassadors

Based on the nomination of the DPC the Ambassador is appointed by the President.

Selection Criteria

The ambassador should:

  • be an SMCS member, IEEE Fellow
  • be experienced in the operation of the Society (officer, past officer or BoG member of SMC, or could be selected with other IEEE Society background)
  • have good personal connections in the region to be appointed

Selection is based on nomination.

The Expenses of a visit of an Ambassador are covered by the Society, including:

  • Travel support: up to $1,000 USD if the one-way, non-stop travel time is within 6 hours, and up to $2,000 USD if more than 6 hours
  • Local travel
  • Hotel expenses
  • Meals