Medical Mechatronics

Our Goal

Advances in the life sciences and in medical technology have positioned bio-medical technology as a major driver in the global knowledge-based economies. A successful medical intervention depends not only on the capability or experience of clinicians, but also the adequacy of medical instruments and devices. In addition, the technical aids and assistive devices for elderly or disabled are getting more attention for aging society all over the world, and they are widely used in daily life. As a result, medical mechatronics becomes an important emerging technology in the 21st century. The mission of the Medical Mechatronics Technical Committee is to establish a medical mechatronics research gateway that provides a platform for sharing the specialized knowledge, experiences and results in the area of medical mechatronics internationally. In addition, the TC on Medical Mechatronics would endeavor to foster research, development, training and dissemination of the art and science of medical devices and modalities.

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