One month prior to the annual meeting, the Nominations Committee shall submit the names of, and information about, the nominees for the Members-at-Large (MaL) to the Board of Governors (BoG). The Nominations Committee shall also submit names of and information about persons it proposes for the offices of President-Elect and Vice Presidents. All candidates for Vice Presidents shall have been a member of BoG or ExCom sometime during the past 5 years and served for at least one year. The candidates for President-Elect/President shall have served at least one year as a Vice President. All MaL, President, President-Elect, and Vice President nominees must be members of the Society at the time ballots are distributed. The information about nominees for MaL, President, President-Elect, Vice Presidents, shall include, but not be restricted to, the following:

  • Full name and contact information
  • IEEE member number
  • Contributions to the profession
  • Contributions to the SMC Society and the IEEE
  • Statement by the candidate that he/she is and will continue to be a member of IEEE and the SMC Society in good standing for the full term.
  • Statement by the candidate that he/she is willing to serve and the position for which they are nominated for the full term. The statement should also include that he/she will be available for duties and responsibilities as the position requires.
  • Statement by the candidate that he/she will attend the annual BoG meetings. SMCS will cover reasonable travel expenses. The BoG meeting is held at the SMC’s annual conference in October. In order to be reimbursed for the travel expenses by the SMC Society, SMC Society BoG members are required to attend, actively support, and participate in the SMC annual conference by submitting papers, organizing and participating in special sessions and workshops, panel sessions, and/or tutorials.
  • Photo and position statement by the candidate how he/she will contribute to the particular position and SMCS if elected.

Additional nominations by the SMC Society membership for Members-at-Large for the BoG will be solicited at the BoG Meeting and by announcement posted on the SMC Society website. These nominations must be made by petition, signed by at least 2 percent of the SMC Society members*, and filed with the SMC Society Secretary at least 28 days before the date of election*.

The written petition must also contain the aforementioned information about each proposed candidate. Members shall be notified of all duly made nominations prior to the election. Prior to submission of a nomination petition, the petitioner shall have determined that the nominee named in the petition is willing to serve, if elected. Evidence of such willingness to serve shall be submitted with the petition. Signatures can be submitted electronically through the official IEEE society annual election website. Only signatures submitted electronically through the IEEE society annual elections website shall be accepted.

* SMC Society Bylaws, Article I, Section 2