Article IV


Section 1: It shall be the duty of each member of the SMCS to vote on such matters that require a referendum. Each member may attend all meetings but may not introduce motions, vote, or preside unless qualified as a voting member under provisions of the Constitution.

Section 2: The President and President-Elect shall be ex-officio members of all SMCS Committees over which they do not preside under the Constitution and Bylaws. The President shall have no vote on the BoG except if the vote is by secret ballot or unless the President’s vote can change the outcome of the vote.

Section 3: The President shall submit nominations to the IEEE Inter-Society Relations Committee for representatives to duly constituted organizations of which IEEE is a member and designates the SMCS to act for it. Among these representatives, the President may designate some or all as ex-officio members of the BoG. 

Section 4: If for any reason the best interest of the SMCS should require a change in the officers of the BoG during the year that is not covered by Article VI, Section 1 of the Constitution, the matter shall be duly and carefully considered by the BoG. A majority vote of the entire BoG, or a petition signed by 5 percent of the members of the SMCS, and submitted to the BoG shall be necessary to call a BoG meeting to consider and vote upon the recommended change. A two-thirds vote of the BoG shall be required to declare an office vacant. The vacant office may be filled for the unexpired term upon nomination from the floor. 

Section 5: The SMCS President may appoint ad hoc committees as he/she finds necessary. New committees and ad hoc projects can also be sponsored by at least three SMCS members who shall provide the President with the following information:

  • FoI of the proposed activity
  • Identification of organizers and initial members
  • Tentative outline of activities for the first

Formation of ad hoc committees requires only the approval of the President; formation of other committees requires the approval of the BoG. Upon approval, the President shall appoint a chairperson whose term shall be until January 1 of the following year. Such appointments can be renewed annually by the President.

Section 6: Committees may be dissolved by the same authority by which they were formed. The President shall review and recommend to the BoG at its annual meeting on the desirability of creation, continuance, and dissolution of committees and report on the status of all ad hoc committees. 

Section 7: At the last meeting of the BoG or ExCom prior to June 1, the fee for SMCS membership for those members of the Society who are not members of the IEEE shall be reviewed for the year beginning January 1, as required in Article IV, Section 7 of the Constitution. The amount of this additional fee is set by IEEE Headquarters.

Section 8: Members who become delinquent in the payment of fees shall be treated in accordance with pertinent IEEE rules and regulations.

Section 9:  The  President  may  recommend  that  the  IEEE  issue  Certificates  of Appreciation to BoG members for outstanding service.