Environmental Sensing, Networking and Decision-Making (ESND)

Our Goal

The primary objective of the Environmental Sensing, Networking, and Decision Making (ESND) technical committee is to bring together specialists from the all areas of “Human-machine Interface systems”, supporting the development of human-machine interface technologies in relation to multi-scale sensing, networking and control that can smooth out data acquisition, data communication, data and knowledge storage, data mining and knowledge discovery, and data and knowledge dissemination and utilization. We will provide forums for exchanging ideas among researchers and engineers through scientific events.

Learn More

These tutorial materials provide more information on topics of interest to our technical committee.

Join Us

  • Interact with specialists in environmental systems and, spatial analysis, sensors and sensor networks, systems engineering, and decision science.
  • Meet other professionals in this highly interdisciplinary group.
  • Exchange research ideas in this group to foster transdisciplinary research.
  • Participate in interesting conferences and workshops.
  • Advertise your conference information by posting it on our Google Site, and find other conferences of interest.