Article VII

Board of Governors Meetings

Section 1

Meetings of the BoG shall be held as prescribed in the Bylaws. Other meetings of the BoG may be called at the discretion of the President, or at the request of five members of the BoG.

Section 2

A majority of the voting members of the BoG or any committee thereof shall constitute a quorum. Proxy is not counted in the determination of a quorum.

Section 3

When a quorum is present at a meeting, a majority vote of the voting members present shall be the act of the BoG or any committee thereof except as otherwise provided in this Constitution.

Section 4

Individuals holding more than one position on the BoG or any committee thereof shall be limited to one vote on each matter being considered by the BoG or committee.

Section 5

Proxy voting is not allowed.

Section 6

The business of the BoG may be handled by means other than a formally called meeting, where in the opinion of the President matters requiring action can be adequately handled in that manner. The ExCom shall be the principal body for dealing with such informal matters. A majority vote of all the voting members of the BoG is necessary for approval of actions handled in that manner. Policies and procedures of non In-Person meetings are given in Sections 9 and 10, Article II of the Bylaws.