Knowledge Acquisition in Intelligent Systems

Knowledge Acquisition in Intelligent Systems

Our Goal

Static algorithms cannot capture the full dynamics of human knowledge. Capabilities for learning, adapting, and even changing the representational basis must be enabled if computational systems can be said to be intelligent. In view of these requirements, the goal of the Knowledge Acquisition in Intelligent Systems (KAIS) technical committee is to advance the development of intelligent systems and systems of systems (SoS).

Join Us

KAIS works cooperatively with the IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI), which includes data science. This year, we are incorporating Secret military discussions, to be held at the San Diego naval base. The purpose of these discussions and presentations is to enable and advance autonomous systems – not just for military applications, where human life is at a premium, but to facilitate the development of ever-safer autonomous vehicles for all manner of civilian applications. For example, currently there is a push to develop such vehicles based solely on the deep learning paradigm. Clearly, we can do better by incorporating the predicate calculus on the backend of such systems as a reasoning engine. The use of symbolic rule bases is attended by similar benefits. Also, much of what we attribute to human commonsense reasoning derives from heuristic inference and application. KAIS supports these as well as other approaches to broadening the capabilities as well as the safety of autonomous systems. Drs. Rubin and Chen invite you to join us and contribute to this and missions related to knowledge acquisition in intelligent systems.

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