SMC Chapters, the local branches of the SMC Society, consist of members from the SMC Society who share a common geographical proximity. SMC Chapters may include members from other IEEE Societies that share technical interests with the SMC Society and are called joint chapters. Chapters provide members with valuable opportunities to network at a local level, enabling personal and professional growth. Members of SMC chapters conduct events such as meetings, workshops, seminars, and conferences within the fields of interest of the SMC Society, as well as social functions.

SMC Chapters by Region

Creating a New SMC Society Chapter

A Section including 12 or more higher-grade SMC Society members is eligible to form a new SMC Society Chapter. If an SMC Society Chapter already exists in the Section, a new SMC Society Chapter may be formed if membership in that area is greater than one chapter can accommodate.

To form a new SMC Society Chapter, the organizer will need:

  • 12 SMC Society members to sign the New Chapter petition
  • Approval of the Petition by your local Section Executive Committee
  • Approval from your Regional Activities Board which is granted if the SMC Society President and your Regional Director have no objections

Complete instructions for creating a new SMC chapter can be found at

A subsidy of $500 is available for the newly formed SMC Society chapters.

Required Reporting

After each meeting, the IEEE L31 form must be submitted to ensure that your activity is recorded, and that your chapter remains on the active list of IEEE.