Intelligent Internet Systems

Our Goal

The Internet has made new and novel ways of social and economical collaboration and interaction possible. In this Internet-enabled environment, intelligent systems play an important role in satisfying the needs and aspirations of a new generation of users. Our TC aims to promote research into the development and integration of intelligent tools and techniques in systems that help realize the potentials of the Internet, mainly from three perspectives: as an information repository (aspects of information search and retrieval, mining and analysis); as an infrastructure for businesses (aspects in electronic businesses); and as a platform for communities (aspects in social networking and collective intelligence).

Join Us

The Internet, enabled by intelligent techniques, will bring us a new world of unprecedented possibilities and opportunities. To realize this requires the investigation and study into the many challenging and interesting research problems that bring together the rich and multifarious Internet and intelligent technologies. To promote development in this new and exciting area, we welcome researchers and professionals who share our vision to join our committee.