Quantum Cybernetics

Our Goal

The goal of our TC is to provide a forum for idea exchange in the emerging research area of quantum cybernetics. Many fundamental problems in the emerging area are waiting for solutions and lots of applications are unexplored. For example, the development of estimation and control methods is a key task in quantum cybernetics, and the capability of feedback for enhancing robustness of quantum systems is worth deeper investigation. The application of quantum computing to enhancing the efficiency of machine learning is worth further exploring.

The purpose of this TC can be divided into three parts: 1) scientific, 2) technological and 3) educational.

  1. TC and its activities will be focused on basic research on the emerging field of quantum cybernetics;
  2. Support of transfer of discovered know-how in the area of quantum cybernetics to possible practical applications;
  3. With support of young scientists in this field of quantum cybernetics, and dissemination of discovered know-how amongst scientific community.

Quantum technology is one of the most promising future technologies, and the development of quantum cybernetics can significantly promote the application of quantum technologies. The aim is to build a community of experts in the area of quantum cybernetics, who are excellent scholars in academic organizations and industrial companies. This community will be devoted to the development of more progressive, efficient and practical methods, with expected impact on quantum technologies and their applications.

Join Us

Quantum cybernetics provides the framework for a fundamental and interdisciplinary investigation on the role of quantum effects on regulating quantum and classical systems, and developing new quantum technology. Quantum information has many important potential applications due to its advantages over traditional Information Technology. There are many challenging problems that need extensive investigation; e.g., the role of unique characteristics including quantum entanglement, quantum coherence and quantum measurement. As Nobel Prize Winner Feynman said, “There’s Plenty of Room at the Bottom”. One of the important goals of this technical committee is to provide a forum for exchanging achievements and ideas among worldwide researchers in the emerging area of quantum cybernetics, as well as provide strong support for young scientists to build next generation of scientific community. It will also bridge the gap between the emerging theoretical concepts/knowledge and the potential applications, making the promising future technologies more practical and useful. Through this TC, we would like our members to get together to organize and participate in interesting conferences and workshops to exchange ideas with engineers and scientists worldwide, and promote the development of the emerging area.