Humanized Crowd Computing

Our Goal

Technical Committee on Humanized Crowd Computing (HCC) aims at promoting interdisciplinary research, education and international collaboration in the field of Crowd Computing. HCC focuses on the mechanisms and cybernetics to address the aggregation, dependencies and interactions among many involved participants in the human-centered process of knowledge discovery, decision making, and on-demand service delivery. It strongly contributes to the shift of capacity, knowledge, and power from individuals to the collaborative and crowd population. The research on HCC is categorized in social and system science, business, and computer science by modeling and implementing multiple individual behaviors and phenomena into systems with a crowd intelligence property. The exemplary HCC research areas include the fundamental of crowd sensing for aggregation and interactions in crowd-powered ecosystems, design and verification of enabling mechanisms, technologies, and systems to support the gathering of shared data from a large spread out group of participants, optimal group decision-making, and collection and applications of crowd computing philosophy and methodologies in various domains such as personalized medicine, crowd sourcing and funding, collaborative healthcare delivery, and any forms of economy of sharing.

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