Companion Technology

Our Goal

Companion Technology is an emerging field of cross disciplinary research, aiming at a paradigm shift in human-technology interaction. It is intended to enable technical systems of any kind to appear as individual, competent, and empathic assistants to their users. The targeted Companion-systems are cognitive technical systems that smartly adapt their services to both the individual needs of users, their capabilities, preferences, and requirements and their current situation, emotion, and disposition.

Companion Technology covers and combines trans-disciplinary research in fields such as Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Engineering, Psychology, and Neurobiology. Research and development is focused on the investigation of cognitive processes, their underlying principles, and their implementation within technical systems, where main issues are concerned with features such as competence, individuality, adaptability, availability, cooperativeness, and trustworthiness.

The TC will initiate and support the scientific exchange as well as research and development activities in an innovative, pioneering, trans-disciplinary field that has the potential of high-grade innovation by enabling the development of really intelligent and completely individualized technical systems.

Join Us

The Technical Committee on Companion Technology provides opportunities for your professional career through:

  • Meeting other professionals in this highly interdisciplinary group
  • Participating in inspiring conferences and workshops
  • Exchanging research ideas and developing international collaborative projects