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The scope of the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Magazine matches the technology areas within the Society’s Field of Interest (FoI). Article subjects include the integration of the theories of communication, control, cybernetics, systems engineering, human-factors engineering, as well as their application to the variety of systems including human-machine, biological, technological, and societal. The Magazine is intended to communicate to readers about the activities and actions of the SMC Society’s governing body, its Technical Committees, and its Chapters. Furthermore, the Magazine will offer educational material such as technical review papers, publish contributions on educational activities, industrial and university profiles, conference news, book reviews, and a calendar of important events.

Potential contributions must follow the guidelines set in the Information for Authors.

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Haibin Zhu, Editor-In-Chief
Haibin Zhu, PhD

Professor and Coordinator of Computer Science Program,
Director, Collaborative Systems Laboratory (CoSys Lab),
Nipissing University,Canada

Associate Editors


01 October 2022
Next-generation explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) is rapidly combining machine intelligence and human intelligence to generate social intelligence, which supports the rising interactions between social spaces. With transformative advances in science and society, a new challenge emerges when attempting to understand the basic mechanisms and principles of the evolving multidimensional reality....
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01 October 2022
Rich material is buried in the entity’s textual description information, its hierarchical-type information, and the graph’s topological structure information in the knowledge graph. As a result, these data can be a useful supplement to triple information in terms of improving performance. To appropriately exploit these social Internet of Things (IoT)...
01 October 2022
01 October 2022
Presents information on the 17th IEEE International Conference on Systems and Systems Engineering....

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