Enterprise Architecture and Engineering

Our Goal

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is described as a means to cope with organizations’ ever-increasing complexity by ensuring that organizations appropriately use and optimize their technical resources. EA is therefore seen as an integrated and holistic vision of an enterprise’s fundamental organization, embodied in its elements (people, processes, applications, etc.), their relationships to each other and to the environment, and the principles guiding its design and evolution. Enterprise Engineering (EE) is defined the engineering skills and activities necessary to construct and implement enterprise architecture.
The goal of the EAE TC is to provide a forum for exchanging ideas among EA and EE researchers and engineers through scientific events such as the organization of invited sessions at IEEE SMC Society (SMCS) conferences and workshops.

Join Us

  • Participate in international conferences and workshops on Enterprise Architecture and Engineering
  • Interact with international experts in Academia and Industry on Enterprise Architecture and Engineering, as well as related fields.
  • Obtain and collaborate on the most recent research through communications and visits with TC members.