Operating Procedures

The procedure for operation of the DL Program is as follows:

  1. The Chair of the Distinguished Program Committee (DPC) will request the Advisory Board to solicit candidates.
  2. Each candidate will be requested to submit a biographical sketch, abstracts of two lectures, and availability for lectures to the Chair of the Committee.
  3. The Committee will evaluate and recommend a slate of distinguished lecturers for appointment by the President. The term of appointment for a distinguished lecturer is two years with a possible two-year extension, approved by DCP.
  4. The names and lecture titles of the Distinguished Lecturers will be sent to the SMC Society Web Editor and the Electronic Newsletter Editor for listing on the SMC Society Web Site and the Electronic Newsletter, respectively.
  5. Requests for distinguished lecturers should be done by completing the Request form and sending it to the Chair of the Committee. All requests are to be approved by the Chair of DPC.

The work of the DPC is supported by the Advisory Board. Members of the Advisory Board will be requested to provide advice in selecting the new distinguished lecturers.

The Advisory Board consists of:

  • Vice President, Systems Science and Engineering
  • Vice President, Human-Machine Systems
  • Vice President, Cybernetics
  • EIC, IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems
  • EIC, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics
  • EIC, IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems

Last revised: September 8, 2015