Business Class Travel Procedures

This is the official business class travel policy of IEEE.

Policy Details

Based on the actions taken at the November 2009 IEEE Board of Directors meeting, and the directive of the President and CEO, the revised IEEE travel policy is as follows: The reimbursement or purchase by IEEE of business class fares shall be permitted only (i) when the flying time is over eight consecutive hours for a single segment or over eight hours flying time where a layover is required, (ii) when it is budgeted by the organizational unit, and (iii) with permission of the major organizational unit Vice President or President or in the case of staff, the IEEE Executive Director. Individuals are encouraged to purchase upgradeable coach class fares and use miles or coupons to upgrade to business class. Permission to travel business class for medical reasons may be granted by the IEEE President.

Upgrades are allowed at the traveling individual’s personal expense. Upgrades must not be charged to the IEEE. An upgrade is allowed if the ticket cost does not exceed the lowest available airfare/authorized class of service.

Please Note: This policy is not a business class travel authorization; consequently, employees/volunteers cannot use this policy to justify business class travel. All travel must be duly authorized; this policy only involves reimbursement for the cost of business class travel. Further, if Organizational Unit budget constraints obviate business class travel, then such travel cannot be authorized.

Effective immediately, this policy will also be applied to IEEE staff travel reimbursements as well as reimbursements for travel by IEEE volunteers.

The lowest logical airfare should be used where possible in the form of non-refundable and advance purchase airfares. Lowest logical airfare is defined as the lowest fare among flights that arrive or depart within a specific time window around their requested arrival or departure times.

Alternate airports should be considered when the one-way saving is US$100.00 or greater.