Visual Analytics and Communication

Our Goal

It is widely acknowledged that visual analytics and communication has an important role in facilitating us for the exploring and understanding of big data. Our technical committee’s mission is therefore to build the community to bring active world-class industrial and academic exerts together and provide a platform to foster collaboration among them to discuss the current state of the art research and identify future opportunities. The community will be devoted to design, development and application of theories, methodologies, tools and systems of visual analytics and communication. The activities we plan to conduct towards the fulfillment of our mission include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Actively participate in activities organized or sponsored by the SMC society.
  • Organize IEEE/SMC conferences on visual analytics and communication.
  • Organize a special track in the annual SMC conference.
  • Edit special issues and review papers for SMC publications including IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems.
  • Establish special interest group in visual analytics and communication.
  • Enhance awareness and promote membership growth of the TC and the SMC society.

Learn More

These tutorial materials provide more information on topics of interest to our technical committee.

Join Us

Our vision is to build an active, supportive, and productive community within the SMC society to foster the international collaboration among researchers and practitioners with a goal to further advance the cutting-edge research of visual analytics and communication and promote the application and impact of the research being performed in the real world.