Intelligent Industrial Systems

Our Goal

The goal of this TC is to provide a platform for researchers and industrial experts to share their experiences and ideas related to the next generation of intelligent, plug-and-play, cyber-physical industrial systems. The transformation of traditional monolithic, hierarchical and centralized legacy control and data acquisition systems is supported by the latest initiatives and technologies such as Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems, Internet-of-Things (IoT), big data and internet of services.

This TC aims at concentrating the knowledge related to the research and application of these new cybernetic methods into various industrial sectors, including production control systems, smart grids and smart cities, water/waste water treatment, transportation, and others. The TC especially encourages validation of developed solutions on physical demonstrators, either in laboratory or real industrial environments.

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Join Us

The TC provides a platform for networking of researchers and professionals in the field of intelligent industrial systems and welcomes anyone interested to join. The networking activities will be supported by joint organization of special sessions at conferences sponsored by the SMC Society, joint collaborations on scientific papers and by seeking for opportunities to collaborate on common projects. To join, please contact the TC Chairs.