Distributed Intelligent Systems

Our Goal

The Technical Committee on Distributed Intelligent Systems is an international special interest group of specialists active in the research and applications of collaborative agent-based systems. Key application areas include manufacturing and supply chains, and infrastructures for service, energy, transportation, and emergency management systems. The core research topics for these applications include agent architectures, agent intelligence, agent communications, agent collaboration, agent simulation and optimization, and agent human-machine interfaces. An important methodology of distributed intelligent systems is the role-based approach for collaborative agent design.

Join Us

The Distributed Intelligent Systems Technical Committee provides opportunities to continue professional and personal development by:

  • Networking with peers and experts in the field
  • Keeping current with research and applications
  • Exchanging your results with peers prior to publication or commercialization
  • Collaborating with experts in the field on significant challenges
  • Gaining peer recognition by presenting workshops and tutorials, and contributing articles to publications of the SMC Society
  • Demonstrating leadership by organizing tracks and special sessions at conferences sponsored by the SMC Society