Cognitive Computing

Our Goal

Cognitive Computing breaks the traditional boundary between neuroscience and computer science, and paves the way for machines that will have reasoning abilities analogous to a human brain. It’s an interdisciplinary research and application field, and uses methods from psychology, biology, signal processing, physics, information theory, mathematics, and statistics. The development of Cognitive Computing will cross-fertilize these other research areas with which it interacts. There are many open problems to be addressed and to be defined. This technical committee tackles these problems in both academia and industry, and focuses on new foundations/technologies that are intrinsic to Cognitive Computing.

Join Us

The Cognitive Computing Technical Committee provides opportunities to continue professional and personal development by:

  • Providing unique opportunities to discuss problems in Cognitive Computing
  • Networking friends in same/related research and/or application fields Joint (interdisciplinary) research proposals and share of research resources
  • Organizing conferences, special issues, and special sessions
  • Publishing papers in high-quality conferences and journals