Our Goal

The IEEE SMCS’ TC-BC is formed with the goal of providing a forum and dissemination mechanism for the interplay between SMC technology and Blockchain. The technical committee strives to maintain SMCS leadership position in the research of the blockchain, to provide strategic support to SMCS members’ activities in studying the latest technical developments in the new era of blockchain and smart contracts with enhanced security, reliability, and privacy protection, and serve as a link between members of the TC-BC and other technical committees within the IEEE SMCS. The mission of the TC-BC is to provide a communication platform within the IEEE for researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in promoting blockchain as a research domain. The TC-BC shall support organization of conferences, special sessions, special journal issues, learning materials, best practices, tutorials, sessions, webinars, and other educational resources related to blockchain. The TC-BC shall be involved in international standardization efforts and be a source of professional knowledge on state-of-the-art best practices and trends in blockchain, with the objective of becoming a center of excellence in blockchain, smart contracts, and related concerns. Overall, our goal is to stimulate growth of this specific TC within the SMCS in order to get more members interested in the activities and to benefit from IEEE membership.