Information Systems for Design and Marketing

Our Goal

In this technical committee, we discuss and study information systems for activating and integrating two business phases, i.e., design and marketing (D&M) to reinforce manufacturing/production teams. We highlight designers and marketers as the brains of enterprise creativity, living on information circulation. We aim to establish information system consisting of humans, computers, and their social environment, and stimulate dynamic streams of information and data. In order to find new horizons, we would like to encourage participations from various domains systems design, marketing science, knowledge/chance discovery, decision making, communication analysis, business sciences, and ideas beyond existing disciplines.

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These tutorial materials provide more information on topics of interest to our technical committee.

Join Us

We invite you to join the TC of Information Systems for Design and Marketing. We discuss and study information systems to reinforce the activities and the interactions of designers, marketers, and their business environments, including the users of their products. Two of our core questions are:

  • Can a designer and a marketer survive without each other?
  • Is it only manufacturing companies that should understand design and marketing methodologies?

We need interdisciplinary approaches for the design and marketing of products, including service and social systems. We need your expertise to address our challenges.