Conflict Resolution

Our Goal

The key goal of this TC is to provide a forum for promoting research in the development and application of formal approaches to conflict resolution and risk analysis in systems management. The word Conflict implies that multiple participants or agents having different value systems are part of the societal, natural or technological system, or system of systems, being studied. The term Risk means that these decision makers are participating in a systems problem in which cooperative and competitive behavior could result in great opportunities or detrimental results for one or more of the stakeholders. The phrase Systems Management refers to the design, operation, and maintenance of systems.

Join Us

  • Present papers in our special track of sessions on Conflict Resolution which is hosted each year as part of the Annual IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics.
  • Personally meet and befriend researchers and practitioners working in conflict resolution and risk analysis at our yearly IEEE SMC Conference and other events.
  • Join a network of experts who can discuss their research with you at the annual conference or else via the internet or telephone.
  • Use conflict resolution, risk analysis and other decision technologies for tackling pressing problems that are of great importance to societies around the world, such as infrastructure renewal, fair trade, policy analysis, disaster management, regional planning and poverty reduction.