Information Systems for Design and Marketing

TC Leadership

Katsutoshi Yada

TC Chair

Katsutoshi Yada (Email)
Kansai University, Japan

Yi Zuo

TC Chair

Yi Zuo (Email)
Nagoya University, Japan

Our Goal

In this technical committee, we discuss and study information systems for activating and integrating two business phases, i.e., design and marketing (D&M) to reinforce manufacturing/production teams. We highlight designers and marketers as the brains of enterprise creativity, living on information circulation. We aim to establish information system consisting of humans, computers, and their social environment, and stimulate dynamic streams of information and data. In order to find new horizons, we would like to encourage participations from various domains systems design, marketing science, knowledge/chance discovery, decision making, communication analysis, business sciences, and ideas beyond existing disciplines.


  • A B M Shawkat Ali, University of Fiji, Fiji
  • Sun-Bae Cho, Yonsei University, Korea
  • Ozgur Eris, Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering, USA
  • Kazuo Furuta, The University of Tokyo, Japan
  • E. David Goldberg, Illinois University, USA
  • Chao-Fu Hong, Aletheia University, Taiwan
  • Mayumi Itakura, Tokyo Research Laboratory, IBM Japan
  • Noriyuki Kushiro, Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • Larry Leifer, Center for Design Research, Stanford University, USA
  • Naohiro Matsumura, Osaka University, Japan
  • Jos´e M. Merig´o, University of Barcelona, Spain
  • Jun Nakamura, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
  • Noboru Ogura, University of Tsukuba, Japan
  • Natsuki Sano, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
  • Dominik Slezak , Regina University, Canada
  • Edward Tsang, Essex University, UK
  • Hao Wang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • Russ Winer, New York University, USA
  • Yuji Yamada, University of Tsukuba, Japan
  • Xianyi Zeng, ENSAIT Textile Institute

Learn More

These tutorial materials provide more information on topics of interest to our technical committee.

Recent Activities

  • Edited books, “Innovators’ Marketplace –Understanding Innovation” (Springer, 2012).
  • Initiated the Japan-US Joint Workshop on Finance Engineering, having Tsukuba University and Stanford University as the organization base. He ico-edits “Management of Chance and Risk” (Asakura, 2006, in Japanese).
  • Edited books, “Chance Discovery” (Springer, 2003), and “Chance Discoveries in Real World Decision Making” (2006).
  • Organizing International Workshop on Multi-data Mining, supported by CODATA. This means to bring multiple datasets and experts to perform high-level business/scientific discovery (2006).
  • Edited journal special issues on Chance Discovery: New Generation Computing (2003), New Mathematics and Natural Sciences (2005), Soft Computing (2006), and two journals in Japan.
  • Established Chance Discovery Consortium (CDC), where business people and scientific researchers meet to collaborate on design and marketing innovations, and started a European branch.
  • Organized Scenario Emergence Workshops (in Japanese). More than 100 of audience from academia and business come each time, and discuss how scenarios for design and marketing emerge from human-data interactions.
  • Organizing Data Mining Olympics since 2000, where competitors analyze real data on sales and consumptions. People in the audience from companies learn up-to-date techniques of data based marketing.
  • Conducting a project DISCUS (Distributed Innovation and Scalable Collaboration in Uncertain Setting), where online communication and data visualization aids in business discovery for marketing and design.
  • Established the concept of Business Science, the root of Graduate School of Business Science in University of Tsukuba. This is a leading business school, receiving the largest number of scientific grants and awards in Japan.
  • Initiated and organized workshops and sessions on Chance Discovery: KES International (2000-), European Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (2005), and other 7 international conferences. Each had 30 attendants.

Join Us

We invite you to join the TC of Information Systems for Design and Marketing. We discuss and study information systems to reinforce the activities and the interactions of designers, marketers, and their business environments, including the users of their products. Two of our core questions are:

  • Can a designer and a marketer survive without each other?
  • Is it only manufacturing companies that should understand design and marketing methodologies?

We need interdisciplinary approaches for the design and marketing of products, including service and social systems. We need your expertise to address our challenges.

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