New Promotion and Branding Committee and Chair Nomination

SMCS has created a new Ad Hoc Committee and appointed a new chair for this committee.

New Ad Hoc Committee: Promotion and Branding Committee

The Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society (SMCS) has a need for a focused effort to more clearly refine and promote its unique identity, convey and promote its emphasis on interdisciplinary aspects of SMC, and to promote its value to prospective members and collaborators that are important to its future. This must be done via persistent and consistent communication of clear messages to obtain needed outcomes. For this purpose, the I am approving an ad hoc committee, effective January 2018, called the Promotion and Branding Committee to:

  • Develop a communications platform to effectively convey the SMCS identity
  • Develop messaging that clearly associates interdisciplinary aspects of SMC with current technology trends and forecasts
  • Promote SMCS as a Society representing expertise and focus not only on trending technologies but also on the integrated complex systems that they enable (emphasizing SMCS as the Society where it all comes together)
  • Identify groups of interest to the SMCS mission, develop goals for relationships with each group, and develop messages promoting those goals
  • Consistently communicate messages through most effective events, media, and products
  • Routinely evaluate promotion and branding communications results in light of defined goals, outcomes, and effect.

New Appointment for Chair, Promotion and Branding Committee: Christopher Nemeth

Chris Nemeth is appointed Chair of the Promotion and Branding Committee to volunteer and apply his background in marketing, along with his broad awareness of current SMCS interests and near-term plans, to help SMCS fulfill the intent of this committee. In addition to his service to SMCS, including VP Human Machine Systems and VP Organization and Planning, he also has professional experience in advertising, broadcasting, and 25 years of experience in public relations. As Chair, he will work with the President to form the Promotion and Branding Committee to be active during the President’s term of service.