Call for Participation in the SMCS Mentoring Program

The findings of the 2016 IEEE MGA’s Member Segmentation Survey indicate that 67% of professional IEEE members desire to have “opportunities for professional networking”, which, for academics, includes having a senior colleague available to them as a mentor, and 80% of IEEE student members also desire “opportunities for professional networking”! We are planning to establish a committee of “Grey Wolves” within SMCS to provide networking possibilities and mentoring to those who ask for it. The envisaged program will differ in coverage from the general IEEE Mentoring Program, as it will focus on society specific activities.

At this stage, we only need to know your reactions to the project and whether you would like to act as a mentor. Details will be discussed at later stages after comments are gathered and evaluated.

The project will be coordinated within the “Membership and Student Activities” and led by Okyay Kaynak. Please contact him directly (at [email protected]) to let him know what your thoughts are on the project and whether you would like to be considered as a mentor.

Thank you for your support of this initiative.

— Membership and Student Activities Committee