New Appointment: Chair, Industrial Liaison Committee: Christopher Nemeth

Chris Nemeth was appointed Chair of the Industrial Liaison Committee to build a team of SMCS volunteers who will work together to develop a program of activity that will strengthen ties with industry. 

Chris’s experience includes research and development roles at major commercial firms including SPSS, Herman Miller Corporation, and Applied Research Associates. As Chair, he will lead committee efforts to encourage new members from industry to join SMCS, promote SMCS industry member activity through activities and electronic communications, and encourage industry support for SMCS activities such as workshops and student research awards.

In addition, the Chair was designated as the SMCS point of contact for INCOSE to help cultivate an ongoing strategic collaboration focused on systems engineering and human systems integration, leveraging complementary SMCS and INCOSE strengths in research and industry relevance for mutual benefit.

The Chair of the Industrial Liaison Committee will work with the SMCS VPs for Technical Activities to explore and establish strategic technical relationships between SMCS TCs and INCOSE Working Groups that have a similar technical scope.