Message from the Junior Past President of the SMC Society, Dr. Dimitar Filev

Dear SMC Members,

Thank you for the privilege to serve as the 2017-2018 President of the SMC Society – my best volunteer’s appointment ever.

To our new 2018-2019 President – Eddie Tunstel – best wishes for successful leadership of the SMC Society, promoting the Society values, and serving our membership.

To the newly elected ExCom members – Vladimir Marik, VP Organization and Planning, Mengchu Zhou, VP Conferences and Meetings, Sam Kwong, VP Cybernetics, Andreas Nuernberger, VP Human-Machine Systems – we are open for your innovative ideas, creativity, and contributions for making SMC Society even better. 

To our colleagues who will not be formally involved with ExCom / BOG next year – Philip Chen (Sr. Past President), Chris Nemeth (VP Organization & Planning), Plamen Angelov, Dmitry Goldgof, and Shun-Feng Su (BOG members) – please accept my sincere appreciation for your hard work and contributions to the SMC Society and IEEE.  Your wisdom, experience, and dedication are highly valued by the Society and you will be always considered an essential part of the SMC leadership.

I wish you and your families successful 2018 Year!

I look forward to another successful year of the SMC Society!

Dimitar Filev
SMC Society Junior Past President