eNewsletter of the IEEE SMC Society – Issue 72, March 2022

Summary of the Latest Issue of the eNewsletter of the IEEE SMC Society, Issue 72, March 2022


Society News

  • About the Society
  • Board of Governors
  • Newly elected ExCom members for the 2022-2023 term:
    • Vice President, Publications, Shun-Feng Su, 2022
    • Secretary, Tom Gedeon, 2022
    • Treasurer, Vladik Kreinovich, 2022
    • BoG Members-at-Large, Yaoping Hu, 2022-2024
    • BoG Members-at-Large, David Mendonca, 2022-2024
    • BoG Members-at-Large, Ching-Chih Tsai, 2022-2024
    • BoG Members-at-Large, Haibin Zhu, 2022-2024
    • BoG Members-at-Large, Plamen Angelov, 2022-2024
    • Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, Peng Shi, 2022-2025
    • Editor-in-Chief, IEEE SMC Magazine, Haibin Zhu, 2022-2025
    • Associate Vice President, Conferences and Meetings, Ching-Chih Tsai, 2022
    • Associate Vice President, Systems Science and Engineering, Chun Sing Lai, 2022
    • Associate Vice President, Finance, Jiacun (Jay) Wang, 2022
    • Associate Vice President, Publications, Long Cheng, 2022
    • Associate Vice President, Human Machine Systems, Dongrui Wu, 2022
    • Associate Vice President, Membership and Student Activities, György Eigner, 2022
    • Associate Vice President, Cybernetics, Tadahiko Murata, 2022
    • Associate Secretary, Kevin Wong, 2022
  • IEEE SMCS Resource Center Launched
  • Join the IEEE Brain Community for Free!

TL Introductions:

Society Publications Table of Contents

Research Activities:

Call for Authors of Book Series:

  • Wiley-IEEE Press Book Series on Human-Machine Systems
  • BOOK TYPES: The series includes authored, edited or handbooks. The series will not publish conference proceedings or post-proceedings.
    BOOK PROPOSAL SUBMISSION: Prospective authors should contact the Series Editor at [email protected], in order to discuss their project. Authors will then be invited to submit a book proposal to be reviewed by a panel of experts.

Call for Papers of Journals

Call for Participation of Conferences:

Job Openings

Submission Guidelines

This eNewsletter aims to serve SMC society members by providing a useful platform for information exchange. News is published on an ongoing basis and can be accessed free of charge on the Society’s website.

The eNewsletter invites submissions on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Featured Articles: research ideas, discussions on emerging areas, debatable issues
  • Research Activities: information about a research group and its activities
  • Meeting Reports: information about conferences and workshops
  • Call for papers/participants: books, special issues, conferences, workshops
  • Technical Committees: TC activities
  • Local Chapters: chapter activities
  • Research Opportunities: job openings, funding opportunities

Please submit articles in Word format, which should contain all text, diagrams, images, and your photo, biography, and contact information (name, email address, and website), to Professor Dongrui Wu at [email protected].

IEEE SMC: https://www.ieeesmc.org/

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