Editorial of Issue 68, February 2021, of the eNewsletter of the IEEE SMC Society

Dear Readers,

This is the number one issue of the IEEE SMC Society eNewsletter for 2021, and the last one for me after five years as Editor-in-Chief and 14 issues published. I wish to give a warm welcome to my successor, Prof. Dongrui Wu, who I am convinced will do an excellent job for the next years. I also take this occasion to thank the Society leadership for having appointed me to the editorship of the eNewsletter.

Being the Editor of the IEEE SMCS eNewsletter has been both an honor and an opportunity: it has allowed me to meet many leaders of the Society and truly understand the SMCS dynamics. During the last five years, the following main objectives have been achieved:

  • Increasing content. We shared up-to-date contributions, while increasing the eNewsletter technical content and the informative one. We hosted interviews to leading members of SMCS and established the eNewsletter as a forum for updates, reports, and announcements on the Society.
  • Increasing readability. We shared the eNewsletter in HTML format with hyperlinks via the IEEE eNotice tool automatically to all the Society members, keeping them informed in a direct and easy way. This improved flexibility and readability of the eNewsletter.
  • Increasing readership: We worked towards making the eNewsletter the main vehicle of communication and interaction between members and volunteers of the SMC Society both ways from/to the leadership and the members.


Let me conclude by briefly describing the current issue of the e-Newsletter. It is fully loaded with up-to-date content on Society news and reports –particularly of Society new appointments, call for nominations, several conferences, including the fully virtual 2020 SMC Conference in Toronto, Canada, publications’ table of contents, call for papers, and job openings. Finally, October 17-20 are the dates reserved for this year’s edition of our flagship conference to be held in Melbourne (Australia), https://ieeesmc2021.org/, you are all welcome to contribute to this important event, which we all hope to hold in presence.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue. I look forward to reading the next issues and again wish the best success to Prof. Dongrui Wu in making the eNewsletter the leading forum of the SMC Society.

Prof. Mariagrazia Dotoli, PhD
Past Editor in Chief of the SMCS eNewsletter
Full Professor of Control Systems Engineering
200 Via Re David
70125 Bari – Italy
[email protected]