Congratulations to the SMCS Members Who Were Elected IEEE Fellows!

Enrique Herrera-viedma
for contributions to fuzzy decision systems and linguistic modeling

Honghai Liu
for contributions to theory and applications of human-machine systems

Yingxu Wang
for contributions to real-time autonomous systems

Jaideep Vaidya
for contributions to privacy protection in data analytics and access control management

Ganesh Venayagamoorthy
for contributions to the application of artificial intelligence to power systems

Jizhong Zhu
for application of optimization methods for real-time economic power system operation

Shuxiang Guo
for contributions to medical robots for minimally invasive surgery and biomimetic underwater robots

Ayanna Howard
for contributions to human-robot interaction systems

Junzhi Yu
for contributions to bio-inspired swimming robots

Paul Hershey
for application of data analytic to assist human decision-making