Nominations for 2019-21 SMC Society BOG Members-at-Large

Dear SMC Society Members,

Below is the list of BOG approved nominations 2019-21 SMC Society BOG Members-at-Large.

Approved Nominations for 2019-21 SMC Society BOG

  • Tiago Falk, Canada
  • Liping Fang, Canada
  • Mo El-Hawary , USA
  • Bin Hu, China
  • David Kaber, USA
  • Okyay Kaynak, Turkey
  • Vladik Kreinovich, USA
  • Jianbo Lu, USA
  • Saeid Nahavandi, Australia
  • Ngoc Nguyen, Poland
  • Jianbo Su, China
  • Ying (Gina) Tang, USA
  • Hao Ying, USA
  • Qiangfu Zhao, Japan
  • Haibin Zhu, Canada

According to SMC Bylaw ARTICLE 1, Section 2.3: Additional nominations by the SMCS membership for Members-at-Large for the BoG will be solicited at the BoG Meeting and by announcement posted on the SMCS web site. These nominations must be made by written petition, signed by at least 2% of the SMCS members. This number for 2018 elections (based on the 2017 December month end statistics) is 101.

Below is the url in which eligible voting SMC members may sign for your petition to be placed on the upcoming election ballot. The petition site will close on 29 October 2018, 4:00 pm Eastern Time. Members may log in with their IEEE Account and select your petition. We will monitor the site and provide signatures counts on a weekly basis. Any questions regarding the petition site should be sent to [email protected]. Any signatures received after this time will not be counted.

Note: Please review and adhere to the updated electioneering policies of the organization. The full IEEE Policy is in Sections 13.3 and 14. The policy is available at:

IEEE SMC Society Nominations Committee