YOU Can Be the Star at Miyazaki!

Join our SMCS Membership Reception at the international symposium in Miyazaki on Wednesday 10 October starting at 1130. It’s your opportunity to connect with other leaders in systems science, human systems, and cybernetics. You’ll be welcomed by fellow SMCS leaders. You’ll check in with you own technical committee, and meet other committees related to what you’re interested in. You’ll enjoy good food and beverages in the company of others who share the same interests integrating three leading areas of interest to develop dynamic systems. 

SMCS Vice President of Membership and Student Activities Adrian Stoica is hosting the membership reception. “Our members rarely have the chance to meet with other professionals from around the world in a social setting. And those who attend the symposium who aren’t members can see what a great opportunity this is to build their professional network, learn latest trends in their area of interest, and discover professional opportunities in an enjoyable informal event.”

Mark the day and time on your calendar for this special opportunity to connect with fellow SMCS colleagues!  More information is available at the IEEE SMC 2018 website.

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