Announcing New Social Media Editor for SMC

Following a renewed announcement on April 2018, the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society (SMCS) has found its new social media editor, Darius Nahavandi.

Darius NahavandiDarius is currently a researcher at Deakin University, Australia. Throughout the years he has contributed to a range of projects involving the Automotive, Mining and Defence industries with a primary focus on innovation for human factors. Working alongside a team of forward thinking researchers, pushing the boundaries on innovation is his goal. One of his projects recently saw Institute of Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation, Deakin University winning Society of Automotive Engineers (Australasia) Mobility Engineering Excellence Gold Award.

As the newly appointed social media editor, Darius hope to ensure all appropriate content is extended through our media channels to the greater community. In addition, he plans to take initiatives to increase the reach and appeal of social channels to the diverse audience of SMC society.

If you want to post any news, image or video to SMC social channels, please forward your content to [email protected] in the following format:

  1. Name of the channels: Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.
  2. Title
  3. Text content (please keep it short, Twitter only allows up to 280 characters including space
  4. Image