Faculty Positions in Computer Science, University of Pisa, Italy

The Department of Computer Science of the University of Pisa is seeking expressions of interest for tenured positions at the Associate Professor and Full Professor level, to be covered, in multiple selection rounds, in 2017-2019.

Outstanding candidates in all areas of Computer Science are invited to apply. At this time, the Department seeks to expand its faculty in particular into the following areas:

  • Computational Science and Applied Mathematics including applications to complex systems and models in the fields of physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences, engineering and finance.
  • Ubiquitous computing including Internet of Things, Cloud and Fog computing, mobile applications, wearable and cyber-physical systems, programming languages, formal methods and verification.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science including analysis and management of big data, machine learning, and high-performance architectures for related computations.

Position Profile

Successful candidates will be expected to contribute to the activities of the Department, in multiple capacities:

  • Research, by providing leadership in defining research projects, attracting funding from industry or competitive funding programs, and contributing to dissemination of results through top-level publications.
  • Teaching, by offering courses for approximately 120 hrs per year (this translates to 2-3 courses per year) to students, at the undergraduate and graduate level. Post-grad teaching and PhD courses can be arranged as well.
  • Management, by serving in the various committees and boards of our University.

Candidates must have obtained a national habilitation for the applied-for position (associate or full professor), or already hold an equivalent academic position. Salary is aligned to national standards, starting from a minimum of Euro 51000/yr for an Associate Professor, and Euro 72000/yr for a Full Professor, and can be increased based on seniority and qualifications.

The Department of Computer Science in Pisa

The Department, established in the late 1960s (the first to be created in the country in CS), has been a primary hub of research and innovation for the last 50 years. Currently the faculty counts 58 members (48 in Computer Science, 10 in Computational Mathematics and Optimization) and about 50 non-permanent research staff, with around 10 additional positions, at various levels, to be filled in the next three years.

The Department offers 2 Bachelor programs (in Computer Science and in Digital Humanities), 4 Master programs (with a total of 10 different curricula), and 2 PhD programs (in Computer Science and in Data Science). Overall, around 2000 students are enrolled in the different programs. All academic members of the Department enjoy a high degree of academic freedom, and are expected to excel in the respective fields of interest.

Application Instructions

For any further detail please contact the Head of Department, Professor Gian-Luigi Ferrari at [email protected].

Interested candidates are kindly requested to send at [email protected] their resume and a short statement of their research interest, together with their vision for how they intend to contribute to our Department. For this round, please send your expression of interest by 15th of May 2017. Next rounds are expected in May 2018 and May 2019.


Please note that this is a call for interest only, and not a job vacancy advertisement, and that the Department can decide on its own whether or not to open a position and at which level. The actual selection for a position will be based on a public selection procedure pursuant art. 18, comma 1 and 4, of Italian Law 240/2010.