Call for Participation: 2017 IEEE SMC Founders’ Forum

The SMC Society is launching a new initiative: the SMC Society Founders’ Forum. The Forum will be part of the SMC Annual Conferences and will feature panel presentations by former SMC leaders (e.g., past presidents, Weiner/Wohl Award winners, editors of SMCS publications, and other distinguished contributors). The goal will be to share Founders’ thoughts, vision, and ideas about the Society and its future.

This Founders’ Forum at IEEE SMC 2017 will be the inaugural occurrence of a panel intended to be held each year at SMCS’ annual flagship conference to convene a panel of former SMCS leaders invited to share thoughts, vision, and ideas about the Society and its future via panel presentations and Q&A discussion.

WHEN: The event will be scheduled into the program for our annual conference to be held in Banff, Canada during October 5-8, 2017 (

PANEL FORMAT: 2 hour panel moderated by the current SMC Society President Dimitar Filev, including panelist introductions, a 15 minute segment each for individual remarks, and a moderated period for audience interaction via Q&A and discussion.

SPEAKERS: At IEEE SMC 2017, the panel will include the following panelists who are all Past Presidents of SMCS: Thomas B. Sheridan, SMCS President 1974-75, William B. Rouse P’82-83, James M. Tien P’90-91, and Chelsea C. White P’92-93.