2014 IEEE SMC Celebration Lecture Series (CLS) in Taipei

The 2014 IEEE SMC Celebration Lecture Series was held at the College of Science and Engineering at Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan on 14 April 2014. This was probably the first time Fu Jen Catholic University hosted an event in collaboration with the IEEE. The Lecture Series was presented under the title of “The Making of an Academic,” in which topics such as excellence and innovation in teaching, building a strong professional network, effective research presentation, the quest for creative research, and the preparation of a manuscript as well as research grant proposal are presented and discussed. Seven distinguished scholars, all of whom are IEEE Fellows, gave their fascinating insights as well as shared their experiences and professional expertise with the students, practitioners, and scholars in Taiwan. They also promoted the IEEE and encouraged the participants to enroll in the IEEE SMC society as a member. The seven speakers included Professor Ljiljana Trajkovic (Simon Fraser University, Canada), Professor William Gruver (Simon Fraser University, Canada), Professor Loi Lei Lai (State Grid Energy Research Institute in Beijing, China), Professor Lawrence Hall (University of South Florida, USA), Professor Daniel Yeung (South China University of Technology, China), Professor Hong Yan (City University of Hong Kong, China), and Professor Chih-Min Lin (Yuan Ze University, Taiwan).

According to the statistics from Professor Jenq-Tay Yuan, Dean of the College of Science and Engineering at Fu Jen Catholic University, more than 140 people officially registered in this lecture series and around 30% of them are from 18 universities or institutions across Taiwan other than Fu Jen Catholic University. About two-thirds of the participants are students and the remaining one-third of the participants are practitioners and scholars. About 18% of the people who registered, his or her major is not at all related to any field that is covered by the IEEE simply because they realized that not only this lecture series is attractive to them but the contents of the lecture series transcend any specific specialty. Dean Yuan said that the SMC celebration lecture series truly benefits many participants in terms of their teaching, research, and effective presentation, and some participants were eager to solicit the power point materials from the seven speakers. Some faculty members said that they were deeply encouraged by the presentations in this lecture series and they suddenly realized that they are so proud of being an academic who has opportunities to help and teach younger generation and passes our knowledge and value system on.

ECLS Taipei

The College of Science and Engineering at Fu Jen Catholic University currently has four science departments and two engineering departments and the engineering departments include the Department of Electrical Engineering and the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering. More than 1000 students are studying in these two engineering departments with a total number of 33 faculty members. There are currently about 20 faculty members who are IEEE members. Materials published by the IEEE have been extremely helpful to both the faculty members and students in teaching and research.