Invitation to Apply for Senior Membership of IEEE

Senior member is the highest grade for which IEEE members can apply. IEEE members can self-nominate, or be nominated, for Senior member grade.

To be eligible for application or nomination, candidates must:

  1. be engineers, scientists, educators, technical executives, or originators in IEEE-designated fields;
  2. have experience reflecting professional maturity;
  3. have been in professional practice for at least ten years;
  4. show significant performance over a period of at least five of their years in professional practice.
  5. Review the complete Senior member requirements at

    Prospective members who would like to apply directly for Senior member grade should join IEEE and then submit the Senior member Application Form as an IEEE member number is required on the senior member application. There is no additional fee to apply for senior member grade.

    Begin an application for Senior Membership at

    Benefits of Senior Membership

    • Recognition: The professional recognition of your peers for technical and professional excellence.
    • Senior member plaque: Since January 1999, all newly elevated Senior members have received an engraved Senior Member plaque to be proudly displayed for colleagues, clients and employers to see. The plaque, an attractive fine wood with bronze engraving, is sent within six to eight weeks after elevation.
    • US$25 coupon: IEEE will recognize all newly elevated Senior members with a coupon worth up to US$25. This coupon can be used to join one new IEEE society. The coupon expires on 31 December of the year in which it is received.
    • Letter of commendation: A letter of commendation will be sent to your employer on the achievement of Senior member grade (upon the request of the newly elected Senior member).
    • Announcements: Announcement of elevation can be made in section/society and/or local newsletters, newspapers and notices.
    • Leadership Eligibility: Senior members are eligible to hold executive IEEE volunteer positions.
    • Ability to refer other candidates: Senior members can serve as a reference for other applicants for senior membership.
    • Review panel: Senior members are invited to be on the panel to review senior member applications.
    • US$25 referral coupon: Newly elevated Senior members are encouraged to find the next innovators of tomorrow and invite them to join IEEE. Invite them to join and the new IEEE member will receive $25 off their first year of membership.