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News from SMC South Africa

During 201, the South African Chapter of the SMCS selected a new board of governors for the next three years. Prof Aurona Gerber was selected as the new chapter chair. Prof Gerber is a researcher at the CSIR and works within the field of Information Systems, Modeling, Ontologies and Enterprise Architeture and Engineering. As chapter co-chair, Mr Jan Mentz from the University of South Africa was selected. Jan is interested in research related to Enterprise Architecture and Engineering, an interest shared also by Professor Alta van der Merwe, the secretary who was previously the chair of the South African chapter. Our finances are in the capable hands of Mrs. Sonja Gilliland, a lecturer at the North-West University.

Professors  Alta van der Merwe and Aurona Gerber proposed a new IEEE SMCS Technical Committee on Enterprise Architecture and Engineering (EAE), which was approved. The IEEE SMC EAE TC will provide a forum for Enterprise Architecture and Engineering researchers, engineers and practitioners interested to promote EA and EE as both a research and grounded practical discipline. Anyone interested in this topic can join by visiting  (http://www.ieeesmc.org/technicalcommittess/tc_eae.html).

The South African SMCS Chapter plans to host a conference in Cape Town in November 2012 in association with the IEEE SMCS TC on EAE and the IEEE SMCS TC on EIS.

On 1 October 2012, the South African Chapter will co-host a visit from Prof Al Hevner, a well-known researcher in Design Science. More information on the DSR Workshop is avialable at http://dsrworkshop.yolasite.com/

Submitted by

Professor Aurona Gerber
Meraka, CSIR South Africa

News from SMC Austria

The Austrian IEEE SMC Chapter offers  a platform for the exchange of ideas and networking within the areas of interest   of systems, man and cybernetics. It was founded in November 2009. Our principal aim lies in bringing together experts from both, academia and industry in order to enhance the information exchange between different views on current problems.

As one of our recent past activities Prof.  Pavol Zavarsky  (http://concordia.ab.ca/find-a-person/?staffId=76112 ) from the Concordia University College of Alberta (http://concordia.ab.ca/) gave a talk about selected topics and research opportunities in information system security, a topic which is also very important for our members from  industry. The meeting took place at SBA Research, in Vienna.

In order to enhance scientific research in this topic SMC Austria is technically cosponsoring the annual ARES Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security. From the 20th to the 24th of August around 140 participants will present their scientific work and discuss about recent topics in IT Security.  The 7th International ARES Conference will take place in Prague. We are happy to welcome our keynote speakers Annie I. Antón and Chenxi Wang as well as Shari Lawrence Pfleeger as moderator of the panel.

Submitted by:

Edgar Weippl
Institute of Software Technology &
Interactive Systems and SBA Research
Vienna University of Technology
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