September 2005
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Seppo J. Ovaska
Chair, Industrial Applications TC

Introduction of TC on Industrial Applications (Systems)
by Seppo J. Ovaska

The strong roots of this TC are in the SMC ’97 conference that was held in Orlando. It was actually the very first SMC conference where I have attended. I was full of enthusiasm and met a few interesting colleagues during the four conference days: Prof. Hugh VanLandingham, Prof. Mark Embrechts, and Prof. Akimoto Kamiya. On one afternoon, Prof. Krishna Pattipati (Vice President, Technical Activities, SMCS) organized an open meeting for people who were interested in technical activities and possible technical committees within the SMCS. In that fruitful meeting, I found out that Hugh and I shared considerable interests in the broad field of Industrial Applications—particularly the use of soft computing in industrial applications.

After the “Pattipati meeting”, we established the Industrial Applications TC (IATC) in the beginning of 1998; Hugh was the Founding Chair and I was a member. Later on, Mark and Akimoto joined our TC, and also Prof. Yasuhiko Dote. We had a small TC with an international group of members—but what could we do together?

We all were interested in establishing and running a new workshop series “Soft Computing in Industrial Applications” (SMCia). That was, indeed, the initial motivation for our collaboration. And now, after four successful SMCia workshops, we are establishing a series of sister workshops “Adaptive and Learning Systems” (SMCals). It has never been a problem to find devoted organizers for the SMCia meetings (SMCia/99 in Finland, SMCia/01 in Virginia, SMCia/03 in New York, SMCia/05 in Finland, SMCia/07 in Germany, and SMCia/09 possibly in Japan).

Over the past six years, the IATC has also been developing and promoting the new concept “Fusion of Soft Computing and Hard Computing”. This term was invented in 1998 (SMC ’98 in La Jolla), the first review paper on the topic was presented in 1999 (SMC ’99 in Tokyo), and in 2002 a special issue on “Fusion of Soft Computing and Hard Computing in Industrial Applications” was published in the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS, MAN, AND CYBERNETICS—PART C: APPLICATIONS AND REVIEWS. Moreover, several invited sessions, panel discussions, and tutorials were organized for SMC-sponsored meetings in Finland, Japan, and the United States.

The unusually broad topic of this TC is a great opportunity, because we can direct the emphasis of our technical activities within the vast area of Industrial Applications. We are just starting new activities related to the fresh field of Artificial Immune Systems and Their Applications. Presently, the IATC has 10 members from Finland (2), Germany (1), Japan (2), UK (1), and USA (4).

We are proud to be members of the IATC and the multi-disciplinary SMC Society!


Voting materials for the 2005 IEEE Annual Election are available on-line at: Three SMC members are on the ballot. They are :

James M. Tien
Candidate for IEEE President
Bill Gruver

Candidate for Division X Director
Ferial El Hawary

Candidate for Region 7 Director

This year, there are three candidates competing for the 2006 IEEE President-Elect.
Please see the position statement of each candidate by clicking their names.

Leah H. Jamieson
Gerald H. Peterson
James M. Tien

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The IEEE SMC Distinguished Lecturer Program provides opportunities for SMCS members to meet and interact with the following lecturers for the year 2005:

Speaker: Donald E. Brown
Title: Learning from Simulations
Speaker: William A. Gruver
Title: Distributed Intelligent Systems: Technologies and Applications
Speaker: Lawrence O. Hall
Title: Learning from Large Amounts of Data
Speaker: Tsu-Tian Lee
Title: Intelligent Transportation Systems
Speaker: Daniel S. Yeung
Title: Feature and Sample Reduction for Classification Problems
Speaker: Mengchu Zhou
Title 1: Deadlock Control in Automated Manufacturing Systems
Title 2: Clustered Water and Bio-signal Networks - an Emerging Area for Systems, Man and Cybernetics Research

For more information about the DL program please visit DLP website

Call for Applications and Recommendations for Distinguished Lecturers

The IEEE SMC Society is accepting applications and recommendations for Distinguished Lecturers, Distinguished Lecturers Program (Please visit DLP websiteand the links therein). The successful candidates will be appointed for a two year term to begin January 1, 2006, with a possible two year extension. Potential applicants are encouraged to send a biosketch, abstracts of two lectures, and availability for lectures in 2006 to the Vice President of Memberships, Tsu-Tian Lee

The successful candidate must be a member of the SMC Society in good
standing. All applications must be received prior to November 1, 2005.

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Congratulations to the following members of the SMC Society who were elevated to the IEEE Senior Member grade at the last meeting of the IEEE Admission and Advancement Review Panel.

June 2005 Senior Member
Qilian Liang
Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin
Stanko Strmcnik
Tao Zhang

August 2005 Senior Member
Charles J. Kim
Joseph O. Palmiter

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